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Construction timber

What is construction timber

Construction lumber is a processed wood material intended for use in the construction industry. It is treated timber that has undergone a process of processing, including sawing, planing and other treatments to achieve the required dimensions, strength and durability needed for building structures. Structural lumber is used to form the load-bearing and structural elements of buildings.

Mazi building timber can include beams, battens, planks, rafters and others.

How to divide construction timber


Building battens, sometimes also called structural battens, are the basic building material for creating a strong and reliable structure, whether it's the battening for a roof or the grid for a floor. The most popular size of spruce roof battens is 40x60.


Building planks are unplaned planks made of high quality spruce wood. They serve as load-bearing elements in the construction of buildings and structures.


A building plank is a structural plank made of raw spruce wood. Construction lumber is untreated.


A building prism is a construction timber made from quality spruce wood. Due to its strength and durability, building timber is an important component in the construction of houses, bridges and other construction projects. Most commonly used are spruce prisms 100x100.

Roof battens - Quality material for a stable roof structure

Roof battens are characterized by excellent strength and weather resistance. Whether you are building a new roof or renovating, our construction lumber is the ideal choice for roof lathing, lathing under metal roofing or trapezoidal sheeting.

Roof batten 40x60

The40x60mm roof batten is a square timber that is key to a strong and durable roof. Easy installation and long life make these battens the ideal choice for new roofs and renovations.

Uses of 40x60 battens

  • Roof construction,
  • underpinning ceilings and roofs,
  • wooden partitions,
  • grating for floors and terraces.

Spruce prisms and wooden slats in various dimensions

Each project has its own specific requirements, which is why we offer roof battens in dimensions such as 40x60x4000 roof battens or 60x40 wooden battens. In addition, some of our roof battens are impregnated, which guarantees even greater resistance to moisture and fungi.

What nails for roof battens

When choosing nails for roof battens, it is important to consider several factors, including the type of roofing material and the material of the battens. Here are some general recommendations:

  • Nail length: The correct length of nails is important for a firm fit to the battens. Typically, the length of the nails should be sufficient to penetrate the batten by at least 2.5 cm.
  • Nail material. Alternatively, you can use stainless steel nails, which are even more resistant to corrosion but are usually more expensive.
  • Different types ofroofing may require specific types of nails. For example, for asphalt shingles, flat-headed nails are usually used, which are easily covered with a shingle layer. For baked tile or metal roofing, special nails may be required to minimize the risk of damage to the roofing.

Use of non-impregnated lumber

Non-impregnated timber is a versatile material that can be used as a substrate under cladding decking or as a scrim for fencing. Its high strength and stability ensures reliable support and protection for your structures.

Wooden beams and timbers for perfect construction

Timber beams and joists are made from high quality spruce wood, which gives you perfect strength, stability and natural beauty. You will be impressed by their versatility and the 100x100 spruce beams can be used as supports for a pergola or a carport.

You can buywooden prisms and beams at our branch in Olomouc, Šumperk, Dolní Lhota near Blansko (20 min from Brno) or in Týniště nad Orlicí (20 min from Hradec Králové, 30 min from Pardubice). You can find all the timber materials for your construction at Palubky Vencl.