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Planed planks, planed prisms and KVH

Wooden planks, planed and unplaned prisms, KVH prisms

In the prisms and planks category you will find a wide range of wooden materials for your projects. We offer planed fence planks, floor planks, planned and unplaned prisms as well as KVH prisms in various sizes, including 100x100 prisms.

Planed planks and their applications

Planedplanks are made of high quality spruce or larch wood, which ensures high durability and long life. These planks are ideal for building fences and other outdoor structures.

Dimensions of planed planks

The most common size of planed planks is 2m, which are suitable as slats for fences, gable and wall cladding or as a structural batten.

Another popular size of planed planks is 3m, which can be used as construction planks.

Planed and unplaned timbers and their uses

Planed and unplaned prisms are available in spruce and larch. Spruce prisms are more cost-effective, while larch prisms are more weather resistant and provide better structural properties.

Both types of timber prisms are suitable for building fences, pergolas, gazebos and other outdoor structures such as garden benches or garden houses.

Wooden prisms 100x100

Timber prisms 100x100 are construction prisms used mainly in the construction industry as structural timber. The spruce prisms are four-sided planed with a bevel for pergola shelters or as a grid for floor boards.

What is a KVH prism

KVH are structural timber prisms made of quality timber with bevelled edges, which are used for the load-bearing structures of timber buildings, roof structures and the construction of roof trusses.

KVH Prisms: Durability and Quality

KVH timbers are typically dried to a moisture content of +-15 with a 3 tolerance bending strength of C 24 24 MPa. The low humidity naturally protects the timber prisms against pests. Another essential characteristic is that they are the same width and height throughout their length.

What is a zinc joint

HVAC timbers are usually joined together with a zinc joint to form a toothed joint, to which glue is applied and pressure is applied to join them together. This joint allows for flexible connection of prisms up to 16 metres in length, providing reliability and durability for your building projects.

What is the quality of NSi vs Si CV joint?


The shortcomings of the prisms are reflected in the appearance. They do not affect the quality in any way. Non-visible prisms are intended as structural prisms.


Theprisms are intended for use in visible locations.

HVAC prisms price

KVH prisms price per m3 costs approximately 19.000 CZK. Prices of wooden prisms can be found in the current KVH price list.

What are the types of construction timber

Roof battens - cross-section 30/50 mm and 40/60 mm

Planks - thickness18 to 38 mm, width 80 to 200 mm

Planks - 40 to 100 mm thick, 80 to 240 mm wide

Planks - thickness and width - 80 to 240 mm

Beam - more than 100 mm

Orderplanks and prisms online and pick them up at our branch in Olomouc, Šumperk, Dolní Lhota u Blanska or Týniště nad Orlicí.