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Wooden mouldings

What are wooden strips

Wood mouldings are wooden slats, usually long and thin, that are used for a smooth transition between the floor and the wall. They are commonly used for framing, lining walls, floors or ceilings, and also as moldings around doors and windows.

Wood mouldings are most commonly made from spruce, pine, oak and lime wood.

A wide range of wood mouldings

The uses of wood mouldings are incredibly varied. Whether you're installing a wooden floor or looking for a finishing strip for decking, you'll find every type of strip you need here.

Types of wooden strips


Wooden skirting boards are used to aesthetically finish the joint between the floor and the wall. The different shapes and shades of wood make it easy to match the design of the room.


Corner mouldings or also angle mouldings are wooden slats in the shape of an angle, which protect the corners of the walls from damage and give an aesthetic appearance. Our corner mouldings are made of spruce, pine and lime wood.


Adecorative moulding (garnish moulding) is a decorative element of interior decoration, often made of wood or plastic, used to decorate walls, ceilings or furniture. Decorative mouldings create an elegant and tasteful look for a room.


Askirting board is installed on the joint between the wall and the floor. It is a horizontal element placed at the base of the wall that covers the gaps and joints between the wall and the floor.


Acover moulding is a decorative element that serves to cover joints, gaps, or unevenness in the interior. Flat wooden cover strips are often used for joints between two different materials or where there is a transition between two surfaces, such as a joint between a wall and a ceiling, a wall and a floor, or two different types of flooring.


Parquet moulding is usually made of wood or other material that is used to finish and decorate the edge of a parquet or wood floor. Parquet skirting has a dual purpose: aesthetic, as it covers the gaps between the floor and the wall, and functional, as it protects the edges of the floor from damage and wear. Parquet skirting boards can come in a variety of shapes and styles.

Wide choice of sizes and shapes

Whether you need mouldings in a standard 20x20 or 40x40 size, you'll find them here. Parquet mouldings, on the other hand, provide the perfect finishing touch to your floor.

Mouldings in milled wood are a great choice for those looking for something original and special.

Wooden wall mouldings are a great addition to your interior, adding cosiness and elegance. Floor mouldings, on the other hand, protect the furniture and give the room a tasteful look. Experiment with shapes and sizes to give your home a distinctive character. Installation is quick and easy.

Whether you want wood mouldings for decking or flooring, we have them all.