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Parquet mouldings

Parquet mouldings

Parquet strips are designed for use with parquet floors. Parquet floors are usually made of high quality wood and are known for their durability and aesthetic value. Parquet strips serve several important purposes in the installation and maintenance of parquet floors:

Parquet mouldings are not only used for parquet floors, but also as mouldings for lino.
Wood mouldings are used to cover the difference between parquet flooring and the wall. They help to create a coherent look and protect the edges.

Transition strips

Used to cover the joint between two different types of flooring or different rooms where parquet flooring is installed.

Linen mouldings

Linen mouldings are designed to fit perfectly to the linoleum and help cover the joints and edges of the floor.

Floor moulding

Floor moulding is used to finish and protect the edges of floors. Their main function is to provide an aesthetic and functional element that covers joints, edges and transitions between different surfaces or rooms. This broader category includes different types of skirting used in different types of flooring. This can include parquet skirting, skirting to linen and other mouldings designed for different flooring materials.

Wood mouldings are supplied unfinished, so they are easy to impregnate and paint. Solid wood floor mouldings are smoothly sanded and have a fine natural grain without knots or knots. You can also choose from cover strips, floor strips or corner strips.