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Floor decks

What are floor boards

Floor boards are wooden planks designed for laying floors, typically made of solid wood such as spruce, larch, oak or pine. Solid wood flooring is joined using a simple tongue and groove system, which provides strength and stability. They are highly resistant to wear and tear and give the interior a natural look and warmth.

Wooden flooring price

The price of wooden flooring varies according to the type of wood, the design and the dimensions of the room.

Spruce wood flooring price per m2 from 270 CZK

pine wooden floor price per m2 from 330 CZK

Cheap flooring can provide a beautiful look at an affordable price. Wood flooring price per m2 can be a key factor when choosing a new floor. Find the balance between quality and price for the perfect choice.

Garden house flooring

Decking is an excellent choice for creating a pleasant and functional floor for your garden house. The distinctive design of wooden decking adds a unique character and natural beauty to the space. Floor decking is available in a variety of thicknesses, including the popular 19mm and 28mm.

Wooden floor renovation

Renovating a wooden floor is an easy process with a few basic steps:

1. Preparing the subfloor

  • Clean the floor of dust and dirt. Repair any imperfections and ensure an even surface.

2. Sanding

  • Use a wood sander to remove old paint or varnish. Sanding will remove imperfections and help create a smooth surface for the new paint.

3. Moisture protection

  • Apply a coat of protective coating or oil-based sealer to protect the wood from moisture and extend its life.

4. Staining or varnishing

  • Choose the colour or varnish of your preference and apply it evenly to the floor. Allow to dry according to the instructions.

5. Finishing coat

  • Finish the renovation by applying a protective layer that will increase the durability of the floor while enhancing its natural appearance.

Solid wood, solid impression, solid quality

For those who prefer robust and solid wood floors, 32 mm thick floorboards are ideal. These floorboards not only provide a beautiful appearance, but also durability and longevity. Wooden floorboards are also often used in the renovation of wooden floors, where restoration brings new life to old elements.

Wooden flooring for underfloor heating

We offer wooden flooring that is suitable for underfloor heating. You can leave the installation of the wooden floor in the hands of a specialist who will ensure precise execution. If you decide to install the wooden floor yourself, study the procedure carefully and consult a specialist.

Quality you can rely on

Spruce floors and floorboards are a guarantee of premium quality and durability. With every step you take on the floor, you will feel confident and stable. Choose a plank floor that will last for many years and still look great.

Floor boards in different sizes

You will find the best-selling wooden flooring size 24x146x4000mm or 19mm decking. For interior wood flooring, choose the highest quality, i.e. AB. If you want a floor where perfection is not crucial, such as under a garden house or cottage, go for the lower quality BC.

Use of floor boards

  • Floor under the garden house,
  • cottage flooring,
  • solid wood floor in a wooden building,
  • attic flooring,
  • wooden terrace,


Wooden floors are a well-established part of modern interiors. In addition, such flooring looks great too. Whether you are planning to implement or renovate the floor in your house, or are planning to build a terrace, we offer a range you won't go wrong with.

Here you will find oak floors that will impress you with their appearance and quality. Our range also includes cheaper options such as spruce, larch or pine.

In addition to interior flooring, you can also buy our range for the exterior. A wooden patio offers not only a great look, but also the assurance of durability and longevity thanks to the use of quality wood . It can withstand temperature fluctuations, humidity and other weather conditions.