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Thermowood wooden terrace

What is Thermowood?

Thermowood is a thermally modified wood material that is produced by a controlled process of heating wood at high temperatures. This process improves stability, moisture and fungus resistance and reduces wood brittleness. Thermowood is used in the production of decking, wooden facades, fences, etc.

Forget the hassle of maintaining a wooden patio

Do you dread the maintenance of a wooden terrace? Don't be, invest in a durable wooden patio made from ThermoWood. ThermoWood wooden patios are durable and weather resistant, so you won't have to worry about constant repairs and maintenance.

Create your own outdoor paradise with ThermoWood patio flooring

ThermoWoodpatio decking allows you to create the perfect outdoor patio that will entice you to relax and entertain family and friends.

ThermoWood decking brings the beauty of natural wood while being extremely resistant to moisture, rot and insects. So you can enjoy the beauty of your patio without worrying about damage.

Easy installation of your wooden patio thanks to our innovative solutions!

The Thermowood wooden terrace is characterised by its easy and convenient installation. You will save time and energy when installing the terrace and can start using it as soon as possible.
When buying a wooden terrace, do not forget about the stainless steel screws that you will use for fixing.