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Wood paint

Wood glaze

If you are going to paint wooden decking and fencing, you are certainly looking for a quality and effective varnish that will not only give them an aesthetic appearance, but also protection against the adverse effects of weather and moisture. Wood stain is a great choice for staining wood to preserve its natural look. The stain penetrates into the structure of the wood and gives it a deeper shade. If you prefer a white look, you can reach for a white wood stain to give the wood a fresh and modern look. Wood stain is an indispensable part of protecting the wood material against premature ageing.

Outdoor wood stain

If your wood is exposed to outdoor conditions, the use of a wood stain designed for outdoor use is recommended. This type of varnish is specially formulated to resist sunlight, rain and wind, providing long-lasting protection for the wood. If you are going to protect the wood against moisture and rot, you can opt for wood preservative. Wood preservative is suitable for use both indoors and outdoors, and creates a protective film that prevents moisture from penetrating the wood. A great choice of wood preservative is Xyladecor Xylamon, which will protect the wood against pests.

Oil for terraces

If you're looking for a suitable product for treating patios, patio oil is recommended. This oil penetrates deep into the wood and protects it from UV rays, rain and wear and tear. The result is a beautiful-looking patio with a long service life.

Interior decking coating

Finally, if you want to paint the decking indoors, you can use Xyladecor Oversol 2in1 2.5l. The decking paint will give the wood a new look and protection. Choose a colour that suits your interior while providing the protection you need.

Wood fence paint

If you have a wooden fenceand are looking for a suitable paint to finish it, we have a great solution for you. Xyladecor wood fence paint is the ideal product to give it not only a beautiful look, but also protection against weathering and aging. With this paint, you can give your fence a distinctive and durable shade.

If you prefer a natural and warm look, rosewood paint is a great choice. This color brings a rich and elegant tone to your fence that blends beautifully with the natural surroundings. On the other hand, if you want to go for a lighter shade, you can opt for pine color. This color will give your fence a fresh and inviting look.

Wooden fence posts are a great choice for an aesthetic and natural border for your garden. However, regular maintenance is important to keep your wooden fences looking beautiful.