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Wooden Fences

Wooden fences and their use

Fences made of wood are appreciated by fans of the classic look - a fence made of wood just looks great. Wood fencing is ideal for fencing houses, gardens, cottages or cabins in the mountains or as balcony filler. Are you starting to build a wooden fence for the first time, or do you just need to replace old fence posts with new ones? We have a solution for you.

What are wooden fence posts

Fence slats are fence s lats made from quality dried and planed lumber in various lengths and widths. There is no need to modify them - the fence boards are four-sided planed. You can start building your fence immediately. All you have to do is choose the right posters.

What to look for when choosing fence posts


Thestandard height of wooden fences is usually 90-180 cm. Themost desirable wooden fence panelsare150 cm. Such a fence will give your garden plenty of privacy from prying eyes. If you build the fence on a plinth, even the neighbour's dog will not burrow under it. However, for a two-metre fence, remember that you need toreport the fence to the relevant authority.


Fences are made from several types of wood. In our category you will find classic spruce fence posts as well as larch or alder fence posts. The wood species differ in durability, wood colour and price.


Wooden fence panels are untreated in the base. If you want to prolong the life of the planks and match the colour of the fence with the surrounding exterior, we recommend using the right coating.

When selecting fencing, be guided by

One of the important parameters of fence panels is their ending (called the head).

Types of fence posts according to the ending

Straight slats - wooden slats with bevelled edges are suitable, for example, for fence panels or for the construction of railings or as balcony infill.

Half-round fence posts - apart from their interesting design, fence posts with this type of head have another advantage: the rounded head means that water does not stick to them as much. This reduces the risk of the wood rotting.

Decorative fence posts - milled fence posts are for customers who also care about the final design when fencing. The fence will become the real pride of your garden.

The price of a wooden fence

The price of a fence or wooden fence piece depends on the material chosen. Among the cheap fence pieces are spruce ones, where one piece costs on average around 45 CZK per piece.

Contact us

Do you need advice on buying fence slats? Learn how to choose wooden fence slats. Or contact us. We'll advise you to make sure you're really happy with your choice.