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Decorative fences

Decorative fences are suitable for fencing a family house, cottage or cottage. Thanks to their interesting design, they represent a tasteful and functional solution for the construction of balcony railings and pergolas. Thanks to the half-round ending, water does not stick to the fence heads unnecessarily, which can have a negative effect on the life of wooden slats.

We offer decorative wooden fence posts in natural finish (without paint). They are supplied smoothly planed on four sides, no sanding is necessary. You can get to work immediately. In the category you will find spruce and alder plaques in different widths and lengths.

The main advantages of decorative fences?

  • Reliable solution for garden borders, pergolas, swimming pools
  • Preserving the natural character of the exterior
  • Smoothly planed wood does not need to be sanded
  • Quick and physically easy installation

Don't overlook: To prolong the life of your fence, you need to take care of your wooden fence posts regularly. Do not forget a good quality paint when maintaining. The right product will increase the fence's resistance to rot, mould and wood-boring insects.
Need advice? Read this article to learn how to go about choosing a fence. Or contact us. We'll be happy to help you with your choice.