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Plotoves semicircular

Wooden fences with rounded head are a popular solution for fencing land, but also for building railings or boundaries for playgrounds. Rainwater runs down the cut head of the fence easily, reducing the risk of rotting.
The rounded fence posts are artificially dried and smoothly rounded on four sides. They do not require further grinding and are ready for use immediately. The category includes spruce, larch and alder fence posts. You can choose slats that fit perfectly into your garden in terms of size and aesthetics.

The main advantages of half-round fence posts?

  • Preserving the natural look of the fence
  • Wide choice of sizes and wood species (spruce, larch, alder)
  • Smoothly planed timber that can be used immediately
  • Easy and quick installation

Don't overlook: Do you want to extend the life of your fence? A quality coating that protects the wood from rot, mould and wood-boring insects will help. With proper maintenance, the finished fence will last for many years.

Not sure what to choose? Read our clear guide on how to go about choosing fence panels. Or contact us. We will be happy to help you with your choice.