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Fences straight

Straight fences are suitable for fencing gardens, family houses or recreational buildings. Straight fences are supplied in natural finish (without paint).
The wooden fences are artificially dried and smoothly planed on four sides. You don't have to take time to finish them and you can start renovating or building the fence straight away.

The main advantages of straight fences?

  • Natural and unobtrusive appearance
  • Large choice of widths and lengths
  • Excellent price-performance ratio
  • Easy installation

Do not overlook: the fence panels need to be painted regularly. Don't forget a quality coating to protect the wood from rot, mould and wood-boring insects.

Do you need advice on buying fence slats? Read on for a simple guide on how to go about choosing fence slats. Or contact us. We will be happy to help you with your choice.

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Spruce Plotting Plotted 18x88x1200 mm

Spruce Plotting Plotted 18x88x1200 mm

€ 2.29 / Ks
€ 1.89 without VAT /
Smrková Plotovka Seříznutá 18x88x1200 mm je hladce hoblovaná ze všech čtyř stran s ro...
Spruce Plot Plot AB 18x88x970 mm

Spruce Plot Plot AB 18x88x970 mm

€ 2.05 / Ks
€ 1.70 without VAT /
In stock
Spruce Plot Plot AB 18x88x970 mm is smoothly planed on all four sides with a straight...