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Terrace Planks

What are patio planks

Patio planks are carefully crafted with grooves that serve to drain water efficiently and also act as an anti-slip finish. The most common type of decking made from decking boards is a wooden patio, which is an outdoor area near the house. Patio planks can be made of different materials such as Siberian larch, pine, European larch or thermowood.

Terrace boards and their uses

Decking boards are a great material for outdoor wooden floors and patios. Their weather resistance and low maintenance make them the ideal choice for outdoor patios.

Other uses for patio planks

  • Wooden flooring for patios and balconies,
  • Pergola at the house,
  • Wooden gazebo,
  • Wooden terrace around the pool,
  • Planks for fence.

How long does a wooden terrace last

Wooden patios are a durable and natural solution for outdoor seating. Their lifespan depends on the type of wood, proper installation and regular maintenance. Most well-maintained wooden patios can last 15-25 years. With regular cleaning, weatherproofing and oiling, you can extend the life of your wooden patio and maintain its charm for many years.

Siberian Larch up to 25 years
Pine 10 -12 years
European larch 12 - 15 years
Thermowood 30+ years
Tropical woods 30+ years

What is the best wood for the terrace

Ipe high higher low
Cumaru High Higher low
Siberian larch High medium medium
Thermowood High Medium Low
European larch Medium medium medium
Mahogany medium Higher High
Pine low to medium low high
Spruce low to medium low high

Self-help wooden terrace

Installing patio planks can be an interesting and rewarding project to create a wooden patio with your own hands. With the right installation of patio planks, you can achieve not only a functional but also an aesthetically pleasing outdoor space. A self-help patio can be cost-effective and customized to your needs. Create your own paradise with a wooden patio.

Larch patio planks

We offer patio planks that will make it a breeze to build your dream patio - get outdoor patio inspiration from our blog. Our favourite wood for the terrace is Siberian larch 4m patio planks, which will impress you with their quality and precise workmanship. Larch planks are characterised by their distinctive colour, which you can preserve by using a colourless wood preservative.

If you want to tint your outdoor patio, choose a quality patio oil in natural shades of pine or teak.

Thewooden patio will become a decoration of your outdoor space and will be the perfect place for you to relax.

Installation of the terrace

Installing a wooden patio shouldn't be complicated or time-consuming. With stainless steel patio screws, installation is easy and quick, so you will soon be able to enjoy your new patio.

Here you can choose both timber for your patio and high-quality patio oil or patio screws. You can pick up the terrace boards at our branch in Olomouc, Šumperk, Dolní Lhota near Blansko or Týniště nad Orlicí.