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Floor decking floor profile O

What are floor boards profile O

Profile O floorboards are wide and robust floorboards in 19mm, 24mm, 28mm or 32mm. The solid wood flooring is suitable for living areas or as a floor for a cottage or garden house.

Thefloorboards have sharp edges, which minimises gaps and prevents the ingress of dust and dirt during floor installation. Thefloorboards are made exclusively from high quality spruce.

Floor boards and their properties

  • Theelegance of spruce wood: flooring boards are made from quality spruce wood, which adds a natural beauty and warm look to any space.
  • From 24x146x4000 floorboards to 19mm floorboards, we offer a wide range ofsizes to suit your needs.
  • Durability and quality: with quality workmanship, you'll have flooring that will stand up over time.
  • Easy Installation: with Profile O decking, installation is a breeze, saving you time and installation costs.

The cost, time, effort and effort of installing the Pro Profile Profile wood flooring can save you a lot of time and money.

The price of wood decking depends on the quality and type of material you choose. The cheapest flooring is spruce in BC quality.

What kind of decking for the floor

The ideal thickness of floor decking is between 19 and 32 mm. In living rooms with higher loads, choose a greater thickness of floorboards.

Profile O floor decking is the key to creating elegant and durable floors that will serve you for many years. Give your interior the best foundation.

Floorboards and their uses

  • Flooring in the interior - floorboards in the living room, bedroom or children's room create a warm and welcoming atmosphere.
  • Decking for the ceiling

Installation of wooden flooring

Flooring can be installed in three basic ways:

1. Installation of wooden flooring on OSB boards

2. Installation of floor boards on a grid

3. Installation / bonding of floor boards to concrete

What to mount the wooden decking with

Using screws on a grid, which you can easily make from the subfloor battens. When using screws or nails, it is important that their length is at least twice the thickness of the decking.

Another option is to glue the spruce flooring to the subfloor, which can be OSB or concrete, for example.

Where to buy floor boards

You can buyspruce floorboards on the e-shop and pick them up at the branch in Olomouc, Dolní Lhota near Blansko ( 20 min from Brno), Šumperk or Týniště nad Orlicí (20 min from Hradec Králové, 30 min from Pardubice)