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Garnish strips

What is a pelmet

Apelmet is a decorative interior feature that is often used as an ornament around windows and walls. This decorative trim can be made from a variety of materials, including wood, plastic or metal, and there are different shapes and designs that can be chosen to suit your style and taste. Pelmets have an aesthetic function and serve to accentuate the beauty and elegance of the surrounding space. They are often used to cover grooves and handles for curtains and blinds. Choosing the right pelmets can create a distinctive design element that completes the overall impression of a room.

What is a decorative moulding

Awooden decorative moulding is a decorative element made of wood that is used to add an aesthetic touch to interiors. Wood trim can come in a variety of shapes, patterns and sizes, and is often used on walls, ceilings or around windows. Wooden decorative mouldings add a natural and warm feel to a room, which can create a tasteful contrast with modern homes. Decorative mouldings are also used as a frame around pictures or mirrors.

Uses of decorative mouldings

  • Decoration around windows and doors,
  • Decorative element on the ceiling,
  • Covering grooves and handles for curtains and blinds.

Summary of decorative and pelmet mouldings

Decorative pelmets are ideal for your cottage or cottage. Spruce mouldings have a fine pattern and a natural look without knots and pitches. They are suitable as a decorative element on furniture. Cottagers, the moulding can be used as a decorative element around the windows to give a rustic look to the shutters. The wooden moulding can also be used as a pelmet. You can also find skirting boards or corner mouldings.