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Corner and corner mouldings

Corner and corner mouldings

Corner mouldings are an indispensable element for any floor finishing. Wooden mouldings allow you to cover unsightly gaps between the floor and the wall in your home. Wooden corner mouldings are designed to be elegant and functional at the same time.

Corner mouldings

Skirting boards are another important feature for your floor. Wooden skirting boards perfectly cover the joint between the floor and the wall, while providing functionality and a natural look.

Inner corner moulding

Inner corner mouldings are easy to install and provide excellent results. Our internal corner mouldings are the ideal solution for the perfect finish to your floor.

Wooden corner mouldings

We have a wide selection of wood corner mouldings such as pine, spruce, oak or lime corner mouldings. Corner mouldings add natural beauty to your interior and a perfect symbiosis with your floor.

Floor mouldings are the key to a perfect connection between floor and wall. Floor mouldings are designed to provide a flawless finish to your floor.

Choose the best corner mouldings, baseboards, corner trims and baseboards that match your needs and make your home even more beautiful.

Wood corner mouldings are a great way to give your projects a professional and flawless look. Choose wooden corner moulding from us and add beauty and originality to your interiors.

Thecorner mouldings are made of high quality spruce and lime wood, which is easy to paint and impregnate. You can also findpine wood mouldings. You will be pleased with the wide range of corner mouldings in different thicknesses and widths. The most common size of the moulding is 25x25, 20x20. You certainly want the best for your wooden floor, so you can reach for decorative woodenmouldings that guarantee an unusual look. The mouldings are simply attached with blacksmith nails or small screws. Before installation, it is a good idea to treat the mouldings with an insect repellent or paint.