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Floor mouldings

Floor rail

We offer a wide selection of wooden skirting boards, including the most beautiful skirting boards. A wooden skirting board is a great addition to your interior. These quality mouldings not only cover imperfections between the floor and the wall, but also give your space a natural and elegant look.

Wooden skirting boards are not only practical but also aesthetically beautiful. They allow you to professionally finish your flooring project and create the perfect atmosphere in any room.

Wood floor mouldings are designed to be easy to install and fit perfectly into your overall interior design. With their help, you can cover up unsightly gaps and add a quality finish to your floors.

Wood baseboards are available in a variety of sizes and styles. We have spruce mouldings available in 12x25mm or 12x40mm. Whether you prefer a traditional or modern design, you will find everything you need here.

Give your home the right finish with our wooden skirting boards. It's the little details that will make a big difference to your interior. Choose wooden skirting boards from us and give your floors and rooms the right charm and elegance.