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KVH prisms

What is a KVH prism?

KVH is a structural prism made of quality wood with bevelled edges, which is used for load-bearing structures of wooden buildings, roof structures and roof trusses.

KVH Prisms: Durability and quality through workmanship

KVH prisms are typically dried to a moisture content of 15% with a 3% tolerance with a bending strength of C 24 (24 MPa). The low moisture content naturally protects the wooden prisms against pests. Another essential characteristic is the fact that it has the same width and height throughout its length.

What is a zinc joint

HVAC timbers are usually joinedto each other with a zinc joint - an adhesive is applied to the toothed joint and pressure is applied to join them together.

This joint allows for flexible joining of prisms up to 16 metres in length, providing reliability and durability for your building projects.

What is the quality of NSi vs. Si HVAC prism

The shortcomings of the prisms are reflected in the appearance. They do not affect the quality in any way.

NSi (industrial quality) - non-sight prisms - are intended as constructional non-sight prisms due to their beauty defects
Si (visual quality) - prisms intended for use in visible areas

Why choose KVH prisms

High strength and stability: KVH prisms are made from premium spruce wood and offer excellent bending strength. You will be assured that your structures will be durable and reliable.

Precise workmanship: each KVH prism is cut with precision, ensuring accurate dimensions and easy handling. No matter the size of the project, you'll have prisms ready to work quickly and efficiently.

Variability of selection: We offer a variety of KVH prism sizes, including 100x100, 140x140, 120x120 and 80x80. So you can choose exactly what you need for your project.

KVH prisms price

KVH prisms price per m3 costs approximately 19.000,-CZK

Prices of wooden prisms can be found in the current price list.