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Planed planks

What are planing boards

Planed planks are smooth wooden boards with a straight edge that have undergone a planing process on all four sides. Planing ensures an even and smooth surface on all four sides of the wooden board. Thanks to their high quality workmanship, they are easy to work with and are particularly popular in the construction industry.

Planed planks and their uses

Planed planks are used both externally, for example in the manufacture of fences, building facades or roof gables, and internally, for example in the manufacture of furniture, shelves or decorative elements. Planing boards are also suitable for the exterior polishing of windows and doors.

Wide range, high quality at the best prices

Planing boards are available in different sizes and qualities, such asAB or BC. The best-selling 3m planing boards are always in stock with us .

The material for planing boards is European larch, Siberian larch or spruce. Planks are ideal for building projects such as terraces, fences, building boards for shaning.

Larch planks and their uses

Larch planks are ideal for outdoor projects due to their natural weather resistance. Larch planks find use for patios, pergolas, fences and other structures.

Spruce planks and their use

Spruce planks are an affordable alternative. Planed planks are smooth and have straight edges and are easy to work with.

Order online, pick up in branch

We offer planks in a variety of sizes and qualities, including fence boards, patio boards and building boards at affordable prices.

You will find the sale of planks at our branches in Olomouc, Šumperk, Dolní Lhota near Blansko (20min from Brno) or Týniště nad Orlicí (20min from Hradec Králové, 20min from Pardubice). You can find out the price of planed boards from the price list.