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Decking C Klasik Profile C

What are Klasik C decking boards

Klasik C decking is a wooden plank with a tongue and groove made from smoothly planed spruce, larch or pine wood. Klasik C decking is characterised by a short tongue (smaller gap). The boards are joined with the tongue and groove system. When the boards are glued together, a smaller V-shaped joint is formed.

How to choose the thickness of the boards

12-15 mm - interior decking

  • interior wood panelling,
  • wood paneling for the wall,
  • decking for the ceiling,
  • wooden soffit or roof soffit (15 mm)

19 mm or more - exterior decking (facade decking)

  • wood cladding for house and garden house facades,
  • pergolas,
  • house gables

Quality of AB and BC decking

Decking boards are graded according to EN 14519 and are graded for A/B and B/C quality.

What is AB quality

AB grade timber decking comprises 40% of A grade (highest quality) and 60% of B grade.

What is BC quality

BC grade timber decking is produced specifically in the production of AB grade. The defects are already visible here. However, if you're looking for cheap decking for projects that don't need flawless quality, you'll definitely welcome it.

Spruce is the most commonly used material for decking, but we have a good amount of pine or larch decking.

Profil C klasik timber decking is particularly suitable for interior use. They are used for interior wall or ceiling cladding or in the attic.

The most desirable wooden planks with a thickness of 12-15 mm are supplied at a humidity of 12-14 %. The planks can be treated with colourless or tinted glazes.

Interior decking and its advantages

  • Strong and durable material,
  • Natural look for interior spaces,
  • Beautiful scent,
  • Good insulating properties,
  • Healthy room climate.

What to choose decking for the interior

Several key factors play a role when buying decking. What to look for?

  1. The type of material - most often wooden decking boards are made from spruce wood. Our range includes spruce decking, larch decking or pine decking. Find out the difference between the types of wood.
  2. Wood quality - decking is graded according to EN 14519. The boards are graded for A/B and B/C quality. AB decking is suitable for projects where great emphasis is placed on appearance and flawless quality. B/C boards can be used for low-maintenance projects with smaller budgets. Their advantage is also a lower price.
  3. Thickness of decking - for interior finishing you can get by with profiles 12-15 mm thick. Unlike exterior or floor decking, they are not exposed to higher stress conditions, e.g. walking or bad weather.

Don't overlook: if you need decking for a facade, garden house, pergola or timber for a house gable, choose 19 mm (or thicker).

You want to know more? Read our guide on how to choose interior timber decking. Or contact us. Our specialists will help you find the best solution.