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Diagonal wooden decking

What are Diagonal decking

Diagonal decking is a cladding decking that is a modern replacement for traditional overlapping boards (feathering) and has earned the nickname"lap decking" among the layman. Unlike feathering, it has the advantage that weathering does not chip away at the underlying boards and safely hides the anchoring material.

Diagonal timber decking

Diagonal decking is not to be missed in our wide range of timber decking . Thanks to its thickness, 29mm diagonal decking is ideal as a façade decking that will not only brighten up the look of your home, but also give it the durability and character it needs. Choose uniqueness for your project.

Diagonal Larch Decking

Diagonal larch decking is the ultimate solution for your timber façade. The larch facade guarantees high resistance to weather and pests. The decking does not require high maintenance as is the case with spruce decking. The timber façade creates a traditional look and gives it a unique and timeless feel.

Choose quality and aesthetics

With timber decking, you can be sure that you will get the beauty and durability of wood. Whether you're planning to clad your garden house or your timber-framed home, diagonal decking is there for you. Choose from different types of wood such as spruce or larch facade decking.