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Softline decks

What is Softline decking

Softline decking is a special type of wood decking that features a smooth and rounded profile. When the decking is laid down, a gap of approximately 1-2 cm is created between the profiles. The long tongue (DP), which ensures a wider gap between the decking, is designed to prevent the decking from visibly shrinking and prevents the creation of unaesthetic gaps.

The difference between Softline and Classic decking

Softlinedecking is characterised by having an extended tongue (DP). Classic decking has a minimal V-shaped gap between the decking boards. The tongue becomes more visible when the Softline decking is joined to the surface. The rounded edges and the groove between the gaps create a really interesting look.

What size of decking to choose

14-15 mm - interior decking

  • interior wood panelling,
  • wood paneling for wall,
  • decking for the ceiling,
  • wooden soffit or roof soffit (15 mm)

19 mm or more - exterior decking (facade decking)

  • wood cladding for house and garden house facades,
  • pergolas,
  • house gables.

Get a space with character

Softline timber decking gives your home a unique look. Our decking is high quality and we offer a choice of sizes and materials such as spruce decking in different qualities like AB and BC. Transform your home into a place that you will enjoy every day and that your guests will admire too.

Easy Installation

Softline decking is easy to install using a tongue and groove system where the decking boards fit together. Softline wooden decking with tongue and groove joints ensures quick and easy installation without complications. You will be able to enjoy your new interior or façade as soon as possible!

Softline decking will do you a good service as wooden cladding both indoors and outdoors. Don't forget to get the staples and screws for your decking for easy installation.

Where to buy softline decking

Order your decking from our online shop and then collect it from one of our branches. You can find quality and cheap decking in Olomouc, Šumperk or Dolní Lhota near Blansko, which is 20 minutes from Brno.