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Terrace screws

Terrace screws and their use

In the category Terrace screws you will find a wide selection of construction screws and terrace screws for joining beams and timber. Timber screws are ideal for creating strong and stable joints between timber materials, whether for patios, balconies or other outdoor structures.

Thepatio screws are made of high quality materials that ensure long life and weather resistance. They are ideal for the installation of patio floors, railings, pergolas and other outdoor elements.

The patio screws are designed for easy and quick joining of beams and timber without the need for additional fasteners. They are available in a variety of lengths and diameters so you can choose the right screw for your needs.

In our category you will also find other fasteners such as anchor bolts and other accessories for the installation of patios and other outdoor structures.

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Stainless steel screws RAPI-TEC TERASO 5x60mm T25 200pcs

Stainless steel screws RAPI-TEC TERASO 5x60mm T25 200pc...

€ 68.85 / Ks
€ 56.90 without VAT /
In stock
Rapi-Tec 5x60 mm stainless steel screws are ideal as fasteners for load-bearing woode...