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ThermoWood wooden facade

What is Thermowood

Thermowood is processed wood that has been subjected to a special heat treatment. This process involves heating the wood to a high temperature under controlled conditions. This removes moisture from the wood and also changes its texture. The thermo-wood becomes more resistant to moisture, fungi and wood-boring insects. It is stable, strong and durable and is characterised by a darker colour. Thermowood is used for various construction and design applications such as facades, patios, fences, furniture and more.

What is Thermowood

Thermowood (Thermopine) is a specific type of thermowood that is made from Finnish pine, where the wood is heated to a high temperature under controlled conditions. This means that the pine is heat treated to give it advantages such as greater durability, stability and a characteristic caramel colour. Thermo-pine is popular for its natural appearance and durability for 30 years.

Create a façade that dazzles

Did you know that a well-designed and well-executed façade can give your house a unique look and increase its value? With ThermoWood façade cladding you will achieve this and much more. Choose from our wide range and discover all the benefits that ThermoWood façade profiles bring.

1. High quality and durable materials

ThermoWood façade decking is made from high-quality wood that undergoes special heat treatment. This increases its resistance to weathering, rot and pests. Your façade will remain beautiful and retain its appearance for many years.

2. Aesthetically attractive design

Thanks to the precise workmanship and unique appearance of ThermoWood facade tiles, your facade will have an unmistakable and modern look. Choose from a variety of shapes, sizes and finishes to achieve exactly the look you want. Your façade will be charming and you will love to look at it.

3. Easy installation and maintenance

ThermoWood façade profiles are designed to be quick and easy to install. Thanks to precise dimensions and innovative mounting systems, you will be able to install the façade perfectly and without any problems. What about maintenance? The maintenance is minimal. Thanks to the properties of the ThermoWood material , there is no need for frequent painting or special care. Your façade will always be in perfect condition with minimal effort.

4. Protecting the environment

ThermoWood façade profiles are an environmentally friendly and sustainable solution. They are made from certified wood that is sourced from sustainably managed forests. Your investment in façade profiles supports nature conservation and sustainable development.