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Pine and spruce joints

What is a grout

A joint is a wooden board made of solid wood, which is produced by joining smaller squares (slats) into a single unit. The slats come in different thicknesses and lengths.

Effect of temperature and humidity on the joints

Joints are sensitive to humidity and temperature, which can affect their properties.

Install the grout in an environment with temperatures between 15 and 30 °C with humidity around 35 to 50 percent.

What grout is used for

Spruce and pine joints are suitable for the manufacture of solid wood furniture and solid table tops and beds.

Pine and spruce grout

We offer spruce or pine sprue in two variants in 18mm or 28mm thickness .

Pine grout is coloured in characteristic warm tones. Nordic pine grows in colder climates, which makes it more durable with a long service life. It is easy to work but harder to handle paints, varnishes and stains.

Spruce spruce is characterized by its light appearance with small knots and a rendered texture. It is easy to work with and easy to paint.

What is continuous (FIX) and zinc-plated (CINK) grout?

FIX continuous grout - consists of long slats that are firmly joined along their entire length, and you won't find any distinctive horizontal joints. As a result, there is minimal variation in colour on the joint and the joint appears solid. The grout looks more elegant compared to galvanized grout.

Zinc-plated CINK grout - consists of longitudinal zinc (tooth) jointed slats. The zinc grout is composed of several shades of colours. It has a lower strength and the slats tend to buckle. They are suitable for the manufacture of beds.

You can buycheap solder joints at our branches in Olomouc, Šumperk, Dolní Lhota near Blansko (20min from Brno) or Týniště nad Orlicí. View the price list of the grout and choose the right size for your project.

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Pine Joints AB 28 x 600 x 2500 mm

Pine Joints AB 28 x 600 x 2500 mm

€ 63.17 / Ks
€ 52.21 without VAT /
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Pine Joints AB 28 x 600 x 2500 mm are smoothly sanded boards, which are produ...