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Sauna decking

How to choose sauna decking

Ahome sauna is a place of relaxation and regeneration, and choosing the right sauna decking is a key step in creating the perfect sauna atmosphere. When choosing sauna decking, focus on a few key factors to ensure an optimal experience.

1. Type of wood
One of the most important factors when choosing sauna decking is the type of wood. Abachi is often the preferred choice due to its exceptional properties. This wood is resistant to heat and moisture, making it an ideal choice for saunas.

2. Resistance to Heat and Moisture
A sauna is an environment with high temperature and humidity, so it is important that sauna decking is resistant to these conditions. Abachi wood is known for its ability to withstand high temperatures while minimizing warping.

3. Aesthetics
The appearance of the sauna plays a key role in the overall experience. Choose sauna decking that not only meets practical requirements but also fits in with the aesthetics of your sauna.

4. Easy Installation
When choosing sauna decking, also consider the complexity of installation. The decking should be joined with a tongue and groove system to ensure easy and trouble-free installation. This will save time and make the whole process of creating a sauna easier.

5. Quality first
Don't underestimate the importance of high quality. Make sure that the sauna decking meets the highest standards and is suitable for use in the specific sauna environment.

A home sauna will make life better

Choosing the right sauna decking can make a big difference to the quality of your sauna experience. With careful consideration of key factors such as wood type, heat and moisture resistance, aesthetics, ease of installation and quality certification, you can look forward to a long and enjoyable stay in your own sauna.

What sauna decking can you find here

If you're looking for sauna decking on the cheap, we have a great deal for you. Our sauna decking is not only high quality but also affordable. If you want to add an elegant and functional look to your sauna, we also recommend Nordic spruce sauna decking. The combination of decking and wood for your sauna is a great way to create a luxurious atmosphere. Don't forget the wood for the sauna benches in the form of African samba abachi willow planks, which will give you a comfortable rest. Our wide range of decking, tiling and sauna wood will meet your expectations and transform your sauna into a relaxing oasis.

Sauna decking cheap

Build your sauna from samba/abachi or spruce decking, which is an ideal material due to its low thermal conductivity. These decking boards are widely used for the walls and ceilings of the sauna, as they do not melt even at the highest temperatures - they do not have pitch. Order your wooden sauna lining at the Decking vencl shop or pick it up at one of our branches.

You can findsauna decking in stock in Olomouc, Šumperk, Dolní Lhota near Blansko ( 20 minutes from Brno) or Týniště nad Orlicí (20 minutes from Hradec Králové and Pardubice)