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Rhombus facade cladding

What is rhombus

Arhombus is a geometric shape that is also known as a diamond. In the context of façade cladding , a rhombus is a wooden façade batten that is shaped like a diamond and is used to clad the façade of a house. Rhombus facade decking adds a modern and aesthetically pleasing element to any building.

Modern look and quality with Rhombus façade cladding

A wooden façade always attracts attention with its beauty and natural appearance. To achieve a stunning look, choose the facade planks we offer in larch, thermo pine or spruce. Create your wooden façade with a touch of Scandinavia with the rhombus profile.

Advantages of rhombus façade decking

Exclusive Design.
Durability comes first: Larch facade decking rhombus is made from quality wood that can withstand time and weathering if you give it proper care as a protective coating.
Quick and easy installation saves you time and unnecessary complications. In a short time you can have a new façade that you will be proud of.

Your Facade, Your Rules

Every house has a story, and we believe Rhombus facade cladding can tell yours. Create your own wooden façade that reflects your style and individuality.

It's time to give your facade a new lease of life. Order Rhombus façade decking and start your architectural transformation. Now is the time to explore our range and discover the possibilities that Rhombus façade decking has to offer.

OrderRhombus facade cladding on the Vencl Decking e-shop and pick it up at our branch in Olomouc, Šumperk, Dolní Lhota near Blansko ( 20 minutes from Brno) or in Týniště nad Orlicí (20 minutes from Hradec Králové).